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Andre Olivier is the owner and founder of Dre’s Dessert, a New York City based pop-up homemade ice cream shop that hand delivers creamy pints right to your door. 

A self taught baker and ice cream maker, Olivier is a born-and-raised New Yorker who launched Dre’s Desserts in May 2020 after being furloughed from his job as a construction project manager. Born out of his passion for baking and sweet treats, Dre’s Dessert started as a means for Olivier to earn an independent income while also sharing his love of ice cream with his fellow New Yorkers during a dark time. 

Olivier is an engineer by trade and attended Carnegie Mellon University where he studied civil engineering, a discipline he applies daily to his flavor creation and R&D process. Dubbed the “King of Desserts” by his friends and family, Olivier finds inspiration in everyday life and moments big and small: from a dish at a new restaurant and a favorite cocktail, to his childhood ritual of going to Dunkin’ Donuts and the Milk Bar pie his aunt always brought to Thanksgiving, Olivier views everything around him through the lens of a potential ice cream flavor. He then applies his foundational engineering knowledge as he experiments with and fine tunes each recipe. Equipped with an ice cream compressor and a special truck fitted with a high-quality freezer, Olivier makes the ice cream out of his home in Flatbush and hand delivers each order to the boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

Although Olivier has since returned to a full time job as a Construction Manager overseeing demolition projects across the city, Dre’s Desserts continues to thrive. 

A rotating menu of inspired and mouthwatering freshly handmade ice cream, vegan flavors, and boozy spiked pints, is announced each week on Instagram, for delivery on the weekends. In addition to working full time and crafting ice cream, Olivier is also a co-founder of the Brooklyn-based full-service salon and barbershop, All Star Cuts and Beauty Lounge. The two-time entrepreneur hopes to one day soon move Dre’s Desserts to a brick and mortar location and expand the ice cream delivery service nationwide. 

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